At the American Institute of Medical Professionals we recognize excellence. Very few Medical Professionals can display our “10 Best” or “10 Best Under 40” badge on their website or display the plaque in their office. This is for the patient so that he or she can choose the very best in their field.

Many aspects of the Medical Professional and his/her career are considered including:

  • Must be formally nominated by the Institute, Patient, and/or Peer
  • Must have an impeccable Patient Rating rating with no complaints or issues of any kind
  • Must not have faced or been subject to any discipline
  • Must have excellent Patient/Peer Reviews
  • Possess Advanced Degrees
  • Awards received
  • Professional Associations and their activity in such Associations
  • Publications in their field
  • Speaking engagements in their field



STEP 1: The Medical Professional must be nominated by the Institute, Patient, and/or Peer.

STEP 2:  Our review committee thoroughly researches the Medical Professional for the above criteria narrowing the nominations down to ensure that all the above criteria is met or exceeded.

STEP 3:  The list of the “10 Best” nominations goes to the final selection process where the 10 Best Medical Professional representing the Best of the Best are selected.